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Your website needs to be seen. Without SEO then your website will not appear in the search engines and therefore not infront of potential customers.

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Search engine optimisation or "seo"

Seo insight, what's good for your website to climb the ranks in the search engines.

.search engine optimisation or seo

Search engine optimisation

A process whereby a website is "optimised or optimized" for the search engines. This optimisation is proven to boost the website in the search engines. This means if a website is optimised around a certain keyword phrase such as "website designers in Nottingham" then the website itself should appear in the search results when searching for "website designers in Nottingham" in Google for instance.

There are many ways to "optimise" a website taking into account what research has been completed to find the correct keyword phrases for the website's seo. The most basic seo consists of adding the researched keyword phrases to the website's front end and source code. Below is a list of the first steps in the seo process that many seo companies will complete on your website:

* Meta tags - These are snippets of code that reside in your websites's source code (the code that makes up your website). They usually look like this: <meta name="description" content="Your website's description here." >. There are many meta tag codes all with different capabilities. the one above tells the search engines what your website is about. There is also a "keyword" meta tags that is specifically useful for the Yahoo search engine.

* Alt image tags - If you have images on your website you should have a description of what the images are about. This is mostly used for users with disability programs but can be a useful seo addition. It is placed with the image location code and looks like this alt="search engine optimisation logo".

* Back linking - Many people will tell you that back linking from website's is extremely important and in most cases, it is. Don't fall for the back link exchanges that go on between web masters looking for links. The most important links are those that come from a high ranking website. Another important factor is the term "1-way back links", this describes links that come from a website are good, but if you start linking to their website as well (link exchanges) it will reduce the importance of the back link you have just acquired. This tell us that 1 way back links are of the most importance and should be a large portion of any seo campaign.

* Html errors - These are errors in the source code of a website. Although most website's have some sort of code errors it is important to look through the website's html errors and decipher if the errors are causing the search engine spiders (programs used by search engines to search your website and index it accordingly) to skip parts of code. If the search engine spiders are skipping parts of code and therefore parts of your seo' d web page this can be an unwanted process.

* Content - Content is king as they say, this in fact is one of the most important factors of any seo campaign. Search engines are very clever in today's search results. They look for unique well appointed text that does not have any spelling errors and is relevant to the website it is on. A good way to add content is by the use of a blog. A blog can be used to update your visitors quickly on a daily basis without having to use web design software to amend and upload your content.

There are many seo techniques out there some of which can help your website and some of which may hinder it. As we are search engine optimisation professionals we know what will work best for your website. If you would like to get in touch and discuss your seo needs please contact us here.

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