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Your website needs to be seen. Without SEO then your website will not appear in the search engines and therefore not infront of potential customers.

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FREE Website Report

Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more!

Take a look at where your website stands in the search engines with multiple keywords for free. We can also advice on the website optimisation.

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Pay Per Click FROM £49!

Same Day #1 in Google.

In a rush to get customers or want to overtake the big companies in the search results? Google pay per click guarantees you number 1 positions.

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Free Website Report :

Find out where your website is in the search engines for FREE.

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Pay Per click (Adwords Management) - with Google

Pay per click guarantees your website will appear on the first page of any search phrases you may choose. Pay per click in Google and Yahoo search engines works on the basis of the client (you) paying a sum into the account and then paying a bid amount. You essentially "bid" on the keyword you would like your website to appear when the end user types it in the search engine.

Our Pricing structure:

£49 perkeyword, custom quotes availabe based on keyword phrases, geographical locations and amount of adgroups..

The place of where your website will appear will depend on how much you are willing to bid on your chosen keyword. If you are the highest bidder you will be top as illustrated to the right. The less you bid against other competitors the more your site will drop down the list.

This can get very expensive as you can imagine. For example if you was to bid on the keyword "ipod" and that was typed in 500 times in a certain time period and lets say 300 people clicked on your ad of which you have set an amount of £2 per click. You would be charged £600.

As our team have expert knowledge on this subject we can get you the best value for money by entering daily budgets, realistic bid amounts and researched return value keywords.

If you want to be number 1 and you want it now, this is the service for you.


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