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SEO Company.

Your website needs to be seen. Without SEO then your website will not appear in the search engines and therefore not infront of potential customers.

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FREE Website Report

Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more!

Take a look at where your website stands in the search engines with multiple keywords for free. We can also advice on the website optimisation.

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Pay Per Click

Same Day #1 in Google.

In a rush to get customers or want to overtake the big companies in the search results? Google pay per click guarantees you number 1 positions.

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Free Website Report :

Find out where your website is in the search engines for FREE.

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seo encyclopediaSEO Blog

Each day a member of the Creare SEO department shares industry knowledge via our SEO blog. SEO Blog.

seo encyclopedia

SEO Encyclopedia

The SEO encyclopedia is a user driven knowledge base that is full of internet marketing related content. SEO Encyclopedia.

video tutorials

SEO Video Tutorials

Seo DIY - Learn tricks of the trade by watching our SEO Videos and get your website to the topyourself! SEO Videos.

Website position's services

Seo, link building, search engine submissions and pay per click management

SEO Starter

For new or unoptimised seo

Website is new or unoptimised and unpromoted. Seo Website Starter.

SEO Advanced

For websites that need more..

business seo

Larger websites with big competition. Business Seo.

SEO Ecommerce

Ecommerce website promotion.

website shop seo

Shopping websites with products or services for sale.. Website Shop Seo








* Free Website Report - You can now check where your website ranks in the search engines by filling in a simple form on our website. CLICK HERE for the form.

* Search Engine Optimisation - We have a range of seo packages and also offer bespoke seo work to any live or yet to be published website. We strive to give you outstanding service and results that pay for themselves. CLICK HERE to contact us about any seo needs you may have.

* Google Pay Per click Advertising - This is the only way to be guaranteed number 1 in Google in a short space of time. With the right budget and angle on your advertisement you can be assured that people will see your website in the number 1 spot.

* Adding Statistics - We can add statistics to your website to show you how many people are visiting and how they are reaching your website. We use Google's own "Google Analytics" for this and we will set up the account and insert the code on to your website for you.

* Link building - It's not enough just to be "optimised" these days as most websites need all the help they can get when climbing the search engine ranks. Incoming links to your website act as a "vote of confidence" to your website. The more links with the appropriate anchor text your website has the better it will fair in the search engines.