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Your website needs to be seen. Without SEO then your website will not appear in the search engines and therefore not infront of potential customers.

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Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more!

Take a look at where your website stands in the search engines with multiple keywords for free. We can also advice on the website optimisation.

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Same Day #1 in Google.

In a rush to get customers or want to overtake the big companies in the search results? Google pay per click guarantees you number 1 positions.

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Free Website Report :

Find out where your website is in the search engines for FREE.

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Each day a member of the Creare SEO department shares industry knowledge via our SEO blog. SEO Blog.

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The SEO encyclopedia is a user driven knowledge base that is full of internet marketing related content. SEO Encyclopedia.

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Seo DIY - Learn tricks of the trade by watching our SEO Videos and get your website to the topyourself! SEO Videos.

Terms And Conditions

1 Search Engine Optimisation Terms
2 We use our expertise and further advices to apply our perception of best practice in order to raise the profile of your site within the search engines.

3 By accepting the optimisation agreement you give us permission to access your website and alter pages as necessary in order to 'optimise' the site for the purpose of the search engines, if we are not granted access to your web site hosting we may where possible to work with third parties who do have access, this will be done at our discretion.

4 If you or your in house web developers alter the site in any way, you must notify us of this beforehand in writing, to prevent the removal or alteration of optimisation that has been carried out on the site or pages therein.

5 You shall indemnify us and keep us indemnified and hold us harmless from and against any breach by you of these terms and conditions.

6 We cannot guarantee that your site will be indexed by a particular search engine or directory. We do not guarantee that your site will be ranked in the top ten sites.

7 We are unable to correlate the time between promotional work and site visitors and make no guarantees in respect of the same. We are unable to guarantee the number of visitors to any site and make no guarantee in respect of the same.

8 We offer no guarantee as to the visitor response to the site and any subsequent turn around into orders or other response. It is your responsibilities to keep yourself informed and monitor the number of visitors to your site and the quality of the visitors.

9 Under these terms and conditions time will not be the essence of this contract and we accept no responsibility for time critical projects.

10 If you promote the web site by using other parties or web sites of the same design without our written authorisation, not to be unreasonably withheld, it will constitute a breach of this agreement.

11 Your failure to request written authorisation from us to promote the website using other parties, such as third party promotion company, individual or method will amount to a material breach of the agreement.

12 Clause 10 includes registration of the site or duplicate site with search engines, web directory or shopping sites, link exchanges or other web site registration or optimisation or addition of site pages for the purpose of site promotion, unless otherwise agreed in writing.

13 Should we elect to terminate the contract, our initial set up and any costs accrued will still be due or the full product payment, whichever is greater.

14 Where any site is found to be a duplicate or similar, through no fault of your own, it may be necessary to significantly alter the content of the site in order to gain ranking and/ or avoid being de-listed or blocked from any search engine. The costs of such alteration will be met by you and you will aid us in provision of other original material and text as appropriate.

15 We accept no liability for any consequence arising from the blocking, de-listing or similar by any search engine or directory due to duplication (or similar) of the site.

16 All Optimisation and promotion packages run for a minimum of 1 year unless otherwise agreed in writing to alter the time frame. This includes the per month package.

17 If any monthly promotional packages are "on trial" or to be less than 1 year the customer should contact Website Positions in writing via post or email to terminate the services after the the trial has passed. Otherwise payments for the promotional services will still be taken and the services will still remain until stopped by the customer in writing.

18 No financial information is stored with us when taking credit or debit cards over the phone.