Website promotion in the UK and website optimisation in the UK. Also website submission to Google and Yahoo.
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Get 1st page ranks in the natural listings.
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Your Website is submitted to the biggest Search Engines.
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Quality back links ensure the web spiders come back to your site again and again.
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Pay per click guarantees your website will appear on the first page of Google or Yahoo.
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The Full Package. This includes both optimisation and submission of your website. GET 1ST PAGE RANKS IN THE NATURAL LISTINGS!

• We research the key phrases people are typing in your industry
• Your websites meta tags are altered and added
• Your title is changed
• Body text may be altered to improve visibility
• HTML errors are taken out of your websites source code
• Advice on text alterations to best suit the search engines criteria
• Linked key words are added to the websites front end
• Your site is submitted to the biggest Search Engines e.g.: Google, Yahoo, MSN and many more every month
• You will be added to our link exchange program
• A sitemap is created for your site and uploaded directly to Google and refreshed every month
• Your keywords and focus can be changed throughout the contract

The cost of this package can be paid in two ways:

£50 Optimisation fee + £75 per month for 6 months
Pay for the full 6 months and recieve a discount at just £295.

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Your Website is submitted to the biggest Search Engines.

We submit to over 350 search engines including manual submissions to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Lycos, Ask, Alta Vista, Windows live, AOL, alltheweb, Overture and many more every month.


We submit to these search engines every month to keep your website spidered and up-to-date. This has a number of benefits including changes that are made to your site are picked up by the engines and used instead of the cached versions. It also re-ranks your website which is faster than leaving it to chance.


For £200 you can enter our Link Building Programme which ensures spiders can find your site more frequently by linking to your web site from other websites promoting their business on the internet. If you can envisage that each time you gain a link from a site you are extending your 'back links' on the net.

You need quality external links to benefit from this search engine optimisation technique as not all sites will be regarded highly in Google. This is why only optimised or well ranked sites are allowed to enter our link building programme.

We use an rss feed to update the links automatically to ensure a speedy process without having to go into your site every time the links are updated. This means once we have created your links page we will not need to go in and update it again as it will be updated automatically.




Pay per click guarantees your website will appear on the first page of any search phrases you may choose. Pay per click in Google and Yahoo search engines works on the basis of the client (you) paying a sum into the account and then paying a bid amount. You essentially "bid" on the keyword you would like your website to appear when the end user types it in the search engine.

The place of where your website will appear will depend on how much you are willing to bid on your chosen keyword. If you are the highest bidder you will be top as illustrated to the right. The less you bid against other competitors the more your site will drop down the list.

This can get very expensive as you can imagine. For example if you was to bid on the keyword "ipod" and that was typed in 500 times in a certain time period and lets say 300 people clicked on your ad of which you have set an amount of £2 per click. You would be charged £600.

As our team have expert knowledge on this subject we can get you the best value for money by entering daily budgets, realistic bid amounts and researched return value keywords.

If you want to be number 1 and you want it now, this is the service for you.


In the FREE website report we offer:

  • Your website rank in the search engines
  • Keyword research that relates to your website
  • An overview of your keyword placement
  • A meta tag assessment
  • Index page HTML Validation (error check on your front page)

*We may not be able to take all, if any errors out of your website. This depends on how your website functions.


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